BlueStacks App Player For Windows Loading Problem

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If you download bluestack android emulator for windows and have loading problem .You will find an asnwer here.

1. Start - Right Click BlueStacks Icon then Click Properties
2. See as Target "C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks\HD-StartLauncher.exe"
3. Click Compatibility Segment
4. Run as System Administrator
5. System Tray Exit
6. Run Program Again
7. Try to download login with google account

If it is not working try download link below.

You install and its not running.If its showing just loading and not startind. Bluestacks android emulator has loading problem.

Because it's in BETA stage, the product may have bugs or compatibility issues. The fact is that you will need to completely remove the application and then perform a new installation using the latest build of the package. Also, there could be other programs installed on your computer that are in conflict with the application. Usually the suggested method with re-installation works. Make sure that you close other running applications when you install Bluestacks.

Then you should download it here BlueStacks It will solve your problems. Download and install this version of bluestack.

This installer will run. The main problem is bluestacks installer not suitable for 64bit windows.

If it still doesnt work you can try to download latest version of bluestack.

Bur newest version is not so nice. There are many ads and width height are big for the screen.

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Comments (21)

09.08.2014 09:07

just go to bluestack official page and download the latest bluestack

15.07.2014 17:58

Excuse me. I have a problem about bluestack. Always if i opened, always closed. i dont know how to solve this problem. i tried uninstall this app and reinstall. If i start this app, always closed without cause. i'm not using anti virus on my laptop. thanks

15.07.2014 17:55

Excuse me. I have a problem about bluestack. Always if i opened, always opened. i dont know how to solve this problem. i tried uninstall this app, and always closed without cause. i'm not using anti virus on my laptop. thanks

31.05.2014 23:51

thanks this helped me so much!

30.05.2014 22:38

It doesnt work.dont install this app is the beta version.DOWNLOAD the last updated version in this link:

21.04.2014 04:29

Works for me Thank you

01.04.2014 22:23

Still not working for me. Tried above ;ink on Windows 7 64bit with 4GB RAM. Loads up then crashes....?

22.03.2014 14:59

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25.02.2014 14:39

when i install it and open it my computerr restarted and then it was corupted

11.02.2014 14:25

bluestack is running at the end. thanks

06.02.2014 16:55

Solved my problem with windows 7 64 bits. BlueStacks Frontend has stopped working

06.02.2014 16:53

Thank you worked with windows 7 64 bits!!

30.12.2013 01:22

Hi!!! I just saw that this last version of bluestacks doesn´t run in a 64bits. Is there any version that does run in a 64b processor? thanks!

24.12.2013 19:01

just uninstall what you install. then download bluestack in this site and install it. you can find download link below the article

24.12.2013 09:59

So what do i do i have a 64-bit laptop Please answer fast

18.12.2013 21:42

So... basically i uninstall blestack and install Thin installer

16.12.2013 09:51

just download bluestack on here. then install. its working fine. and after installation dont update bluestack. there is a link bottom of article there is a download link

furkan [Turkey]
31.08.2013 16:42

Teşekkürler. Çalışıyor. :) ******************************* Thanks. Working. :)

12.08.2013 11:00

BlueStacks App Player burdan indirdigimi kurdum çalışıyor. önceki bluestacks leri kaldırın burdakini kurun. eski versiyonu bu. çalışacaktır

13.07.2013 13:26

yes second way is working. thanks

12.07.2013 18:09

yeahhhh runnıng


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