White Parent Quotes Vs. Black Parent Quotes

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Racial stereotypes are apparently alive and well, and on Twitter no less. On Wednesday two of the top topic trends on the uber-popular social media site were #WhiteParentQuotes and #BlackParentQuotes, a collection of short tidbits reflecting generalized parenting techniques from both white and black perspectives.

Many of the quotes were crude, rude, and could be construed as insulting and offensive. One thing that was surprising? How popular the topic is. Approximately every 10 seconds it seems a new addition is submitted from the mundane to the mean.

Some Quotes

#WhiteParentQuotes : “your father and I are worried about you”
#BlackParentQuotes : “you must have lost yo goddamn mind”

#WhiteParentQuotes : “you embarrassed your family for fighting at school!”
#BlackParentQuotes : “You better kicked dey ass!”

#WhiteParentQuotes : “Happy 18th birthday, Ashley!”
#BlackParentQuotes : “Either you start paying some rent, or get the f*ck out!”

#WhiteParentQuotes : “If someone hits you,go tell the teacher.”

#WhiteParentQuotes : “go in ur room & think about wat u did”
#BlackParentQuotes : “go to ur damn room &&get ready 4ya ass woopin!”

#WhiteParentQuotes : “Good morning, time for school”
#BlackParentQuotes : “Getcha ass up, don’t miss that damn bus”

#WhiteParentQuotes : “we’re heading to the store, u can pick 1 thing from the toy isle”
#BlackParentQuotes : “At the store, don’t ask for SH*T!”

#WhiteParentQuotes : “please stop cryin”
#BlackParentQuotes :”What u cryin for? shut-up before I give you somthin to cry about”

#WhiteParentQuotes : “you embarrassed your family for fighting at school!”
#BlackParentQuotes : “Who won?”

#WhiteParentQuotes : “I’m sending you to therapy”
#BlackParentQuotes : “Imma knock some sense into u”

#WhiteParentQuotes : “Are you havin sex?”
#BlackParentQuotes :”you better not be f*cking, cuz i ain’t raising no grand-babies”

#WhiteParentQuotes : “You’re Grounded Go To Your Room”
#BlackParentQuotes : “OH hell no! Let me get my belt”

#WhiteParentQuotes : “Honey, would you like to talk to mommy about what happened?”
#BlackParentQuotes : “Child, you better start talking!”

#WhiteParentQuotes : “Is $10 enough?”
#BlackParentQuotes : “An allowance? I ALLOW you to eat and live in my house”

#WhiteParentQuotes : “ Oh sweetie, you're so mature.”
#BlackParentQuotes : “So you think you're grown, huh?”

#WhiteParentQuotes : “Did you just roll your eyes at me? That's not nice”
#BlackParentQuotes : “ Roll those eyes at me again and Im'a knock them in the back of your head.”

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Comments (4)

26.08.2012 12:23

White Parent - Honey I think you should take a shower, You smell dear. Black Parent - Bxtch get your stinky ass in the shower Oh dirty ass it's sad I have to tell your Oh big grow messy ass. A damn shame

02.06.2012 12:10

My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son-of-a bitch :))

Bill Cosby
21.02.2012 18:34

It isn't a matter of black is beautiful as much as it is white is not all that's beautiful.

Maya Angeloe
21.02.2012 18:31

As far as I knew white women were never lonely, except in books. White men adored them, Black men desired them and Black women worked for them.


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