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Best Cheapest Online Shopping Web Sites.If you like online shopping you should try all trusted online web sites. There are many many online shopping web pages. There are cheap and trusted from china.We discover and review eBay and Dealextreme alternatives, offering a variety of cheap products.They are chinese. You may find clothing, electronics, gadgets, cheap deals, products from China and Hong Kong, and much more. We also provide information on extremely cheap bargains and coupons.

The following list includes many sites which resemble the popular site Dealextreme, yet some sites like dealextreme may offer slightly different kinds of products, ship faster and even have better deals than Dealextreme. Make sure you read the site reviews to find out if there are any coupons for the specific site or recommended products.

You can find detailed informations below


FocalPrice Best Price
Its pretty nice web gives you many opportunity to find computer accessories, iPod & iPhone & iPad accessories, sweet little electronics, video games, watches, comsumer electronics, cell phones, android phones, flash drives, car electronics and many other products. They have popular products in all categories. You can find alot of trendy electronics in . It's pretty safe web site for online shopping. I've ordered 8-10 times from them, all free shipping. So far so good. No need any worry. But sometimes it does take a while to receive. is cheaper than DX and also faster than DX. Buy from FocalPrice, you pay 10-70% less than the price on other sites(including eBay) and the orders will be shipped to your door for free.

At FocalPrice there is a large team of highly trained customer service experts ready to answer your questions. They can be reached through email, live chat, the official FocalPrice forum and blog or on FocalPrice's official Facebook page or Twitter will get a response within six hours.

Tmart is cool online sopping is an Hong Kong online shopping company. It is cheaper than DealExtreme. Fast & Free Shipping is available. There are many products in also. Here you'll find the electronics such as digital photo frames and chargers, laser pointers, flashlights, cell phones, car accessories, camera and games accessories and more.Good variety.

With low price, worldwide free shipping and superior customer service, is determined to exceed the expectations of every customer that visits its website.

Dinodirect has many oppurtunity to is cheaper than Dealextreme.Also great coupons . There are huge amount of products in As a huge online store, have cool gadgets, Car Accessories, Phones Accessories, Cell Phones, Computer Accessories, Consumer Electronics, Led Flashlight, Holiday Gifts, Security Camera and Games Accessories.You can take advantage of the lowest price and Worldwide Lightning fast Free Shipping on all items. offers a quick-and-easy online purchasing process and there is a dedicated customer service team who can guide you and make your experience at most pleasant. In addition, has safe and secure purchasing environment.

Priceangels is sweet web site for is cheaper than DealExterme. Lightning fast Free shipping on all products. There are many products in Good variety.

Free-shipping all over the world.
Source only the best consumer goods and ensure the highest quality.
Streamline the buying and payment process, and make it as easy as possible.
Help the customers all over the world discover products and manufacturers in China.
Deliver the goods to the customers all over the world with speed and precision
Provide 24-hour customer support on weekdays.

Didnt you is created to narrow down the price gap between factory and end users. price is always lower than that of eBay and other China competitors.. Fast and Free shipping on all products. There are many products in Good variety.

Chinabuye All products or gadgets in the company are brand new and of top quality. offer you a wide range selection of China electronics gadgets which are well tested before shipping. There is absolutely no fake, closeout, second-hand product in our shipment. All China gadgets are fully one year warranted. You can just keep confident to buy from China now. accept PayPal! It's easier and safer! 30 days money back guarantee.

Everbuying is other good web site for shopping.By following the trends of European and American fashion, after years of continuous efforts, has been serving thousands of customers from over 200 countries since 2006. Just have a quick look around, you'll find's massive range of top-rated products, such as cell phones, cosplay custumes, all kinds of cool gadgets, wedding dresses, car dvd players, sports equipments and so on, at very competitive factory prices. Prices are better than Dealextreme.

If you are not satisfied with product because it doesn't work, you can send them back to in 10 days after you receive it for refund, in this case, doesn't refund the shipping fees. Buyer should pay to ship the item(s) back.

If the product doesn't work, you can send them back to in one month for exchange, buyers pay the shipping fees for sending back to , and pay the shipping fees for resending them to buyers.

Within 1 year, buyers can send them back for free repair, in this case, buyers pay all the shipping fees in both sides. Which mean you should pay the shipping fees for to send them back to you. If buyer break the items and some components need to be changed, will charge for the original value of that components.

You should try is cheaper than offers you competitive wholesale or DropShip from China discounts on all the products you find in, dropshipping customers are rewarded with better single piece discounts based on order history. It is a Kowloon, Hong Kong company.

You can order goods through without even having to register! has no minimum order requirements, so you can shop retail products at wholesale prices! Wholesalers can shop big and get even larger discounts.
Lightning fast Free shipping on all products. There are many products in Good variety.

Chinavasion is a cool web site. is cheaper than DealExterme. offers you competitive wholesale / dropship discount prices on all the products you find in Online Wholesale Shop. It is a Shenzhen, China company. Fast and Free shipping on all products. offer you a wide-selection of consumer electronic products - all carefully selected with quality in mind, and quality controlled in Chinavasion warehouse. Directly and safely access the Chinese electronics market - all in one place online, without the need to travel to China to find suppliers one by one. Good variety at electronics.

All the products sell come with a 12 month warranty.

TomTop is cheaper than DealExterme. You will get 10-70% off than price in your local place and competitive price with other china websites.

Free shipping via Airmail. offer 1 Year Warranty for all products in the website, when the product goes not working among this date, our customer can contact us for return.
For general Consumables such as battery, mouse and printing ink etc, only offer 3 months guarantee.

You can buy what ever you want even if they are so cheap. You can shop eerything even if its price 1 euro or dolar.You should try links belows.

Rank Site Name Prices Location Shipping Variety Rating


Cheaper than Dealextreme, this week you get a %50-%87 Price storm sale on whole store! Also great coupons (read review). Shenzhen, China Fast & Free Shipping Huge variety


Focal Price
Cheaper than DealExtreme Shenzhen, China Fast & free shipping Good Variety


Tmart review
Cheaper than DealExtreme Kowloon, Hong Kong Free Shipping Good Variety


price angels
Price angels
Cheaper than DealExterme Shenzhen, China Lightning fast Free shipping on all products Good variety


Cheaper than Dealextreme Kowloon, Hong Kong Free shipping on all products Good variety


Cheaper than DealExtreme Hong Kong, China Fast & free shipping, 1 year warranty Good Variety


Cheaper than DealExtreme Shenzhen, China Fast & free shipping, 1 year warranty, 30day money back Guarantee Good Variety

We tried all web pages above. Also is very nice online web site. There are many electronics, books, shoes, uggs, mobile phone accessories etc. Especialy For the books is the best .
There are hundreds of sites like dealextreme from various countries, but these are the only 7 sites other than Dealextreme that we could rate 5 stars, due to the fact that they are the safest and cheapest stores on the internet. Some sites abuse buyer's innocence, and sell them low quality products, ship in a very long time or even take your money without sending anything. That is why it is extremely important to only buy from sites featured on this site, which will ensure that you receive quality products for the cheapest prices.

There are some other alternatives.

Shop for all your official Rock band t-shirts and gear. Over 15,000 items in stock every day!

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27.01.2014 17:26

Now You Can search multiple search engines in on site

Abe Newtown
15.04.2013 00:08

today we have many site likw DX . the new buzz word are site that help you find free shipping worlswide product in 1 place . for example or look for nowlow

15.02.2013 04:21

Im buying in xxxxxxxxxx , never got a problem, my packages always reach the destination, and have cheap prices, too.

28.11.2012 09:58

China Electronic Gadgets Dropshipping: more than 70,000+ cool electronic gadgets from China with FREE shipping and high quality including apple accessories, cameras and camcorders, cell phones, car accessories etc. at reasonable price, all at our electronics online shopping store

16.12.2011 23:07

Bu siteler gerçekten harika. Şimdiye kadar boşuna gittigidiyor hepsiburada dan alıyormuşuz. Tmart çok iyi 15-20 arası geliyor ama ürünler ucuz ve cok çeşitli güvenilir siteler bunlar. Dealextreme türkiye için iyi bir site ayrıca

Ms Diana
22.11.2011 23:08

How many days shipping on and tmart. and what is the best web site. which site autor offer us

13.11.2011 08:21

DinoDirect is not based in Shenzhen. Internet marketing and design labor is not much profitable in Shenzhen these days.

juliaaa Crespin
02.10.2011 14:31

There are many cell phone cases in

25.09.2011 09:00

the focalprice is the best from china . you should try it. and of course amazon is better for books.

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